Process for registering existing taxpayers at New GST Portal

Posted on 22nd Dec 2016 00:00:00 in Demonetization

All existing taxpayers and VAT dealers received Provisional ID and Password via SMS/ E-Mail. The provisional ID and password is mandatory for registering us at the GST Common Portal It is assumed that all existing Central Excise taxpayers are already registered under State VAT Department. It covers both Central Excise and State VAT registration Steps for enrolling with GST Common Portal 1. Open the link  Now  GST Home Page will display on screen

  2. Select the NEW USER LOGIN button from welcome screen displayed.

3. Now the declaration page diplay on screen select the checkbox for declaration and click the CONTINUE button in declaration page.
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4. Now we get the the Login page on screen . In the Provisional ID field, type the username that we received in the e-mail , SMS or by any other means of communication received from the State VAT Department. 5. In the Password field, type the password that you received in the e-mail, SMS or any other communication received from the State VAT Department.

6. In the Type the characters we see in the image below field, type the captcha text as shown in the screen. 7. Click the LOGIN button. Note : • In case we have not received or lost our Provisional ID and Password, we contact our State VAT Department.

8. Now we get the the Provisional ID Verification page on screen . In the E-mail Address field, we enter e-mail address of authorized signatory. 9. In the Mobile Number field, we type valid Indian mobile number of authorized signatory. There are two One time Password (OTPs) which will be sent on our registered e-mail address and mobile number we just mentioned. Both OTPs are required for the verification.
Note: • All future correspondences from the GST Common Portal will be sent on this registered e-mail address and mobile number of primary authorized signatory only. • E-mail address and mobile number cannot be changed till 01/04/2017. • Any change in the registered e-mail address and mobile number can be done through the amendment process after 01/04/2017 as specified in the GST Act. 10. Click the CONTINUE button. Note: • You must have received two different OTPs. Do not share these OTPs with anyone. • Check e-mail address and note our e-mail OTP. • Also check text message sent on our mobile phone and note our mobile OTP.

11. OTP Verification page will come on the screen . In the Email OTP field, enter the OTP we received in our e-mail address. 12. In the Mobile OTP field, enter the OTP we received on our mobile phone. Note: • In case we you have not received the OTP, click the RESEND OTP button to resend the OTP to our e-mail address and mobile number. • Both new OTPs have to be used for the verification. The validity period of OTP is 10 minutes. 13. Click the CONTINUE button. 14. The New Credentials page will display on the screen. In the New Username field, we type a username for our self. 15. In the New Password field, we type enter a password of our choice that we will be using from next time onwards. Note: • Username should be of 8 to 15 characters, which should comprise of alphabets, numbers and can contain special character (dot (.), underscore (_) or hyphen (-)). • Password should be of 8 to 15 characters, which should comprise at least one alphabet, one number, one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one special character. 16. In the Re-confirm Password field, we the type the same password again. 17. Click the CONTINUE button.  
18. Now the the Security Questions page displays on the screen. For each security question, type the answers.
Note: • There are five questions on this page. It is mandatory to enter answers to all the security questions. Be careful when answering the security questions. • In case we forget our password, with the help of these questions we retrieve our password. • For rereiving we have to answer these security questions to retrieve our password so remember the answers of these questions . 19. Click the SUBMIT button. With the help of these steps we can easily registered or migrate to our new GST Common Portal

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